Our Story

A lifetime of dreaming, daring and doing

For as long as I can remember, the driving force in my life has been pouring love into my family (that’s us here) and cooking up delectable chocolates and opportunities for our customers.

My success has always been driven by hard work and an innate desire to provide the best possible products for my customers. This drive to craft the best offerings expanded into my search for health and beauty products. When I realized that I could not find brands that really cared about my overall health and spoke to me directly, I decided to create my own brand that inspires and empowers me on a daily basis to be the best me.

At Dorinda’s Essentials, my team and I pride ourselves on the relentless pursuit of mouthwatering new ideas and world-class wellness products made with the best ingredients we can find.

I invite you to live your best life.


~ Dorinda Vance