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A family affair


Serial entrepreneurship

Dorinda Vance has a talent for combining world-class ingredients into unique, decadent concoctions. A chocolate lover and serial entrepreneur from very early on, Dorinda started hand-rolling chocolate cherries when she was 12. By age 18, she had sold so much Tupperware that the company bought her a car. As a young adult, she kept chasing the dream and started many enterprises, including a nail salon, and airport shuttle and several restaurants, always using the proceeds from the current business to fund the next.

She took a major break from the world of business to raise her four children with husband Thom. Committed to giving Cody, Dillon, Dustin, and Austin a hands-on, personalized education in the mountains near Lake Tahoe, she taught them how to cook, roll chocolate-covered cherries, work hard, and dream big.

Thom, a master woodworker, taught the boys how to carry themselves, how to solve problems, and how to approach life: If it’s broken, you fix it. Don’t look for shortcuts. Do it right the first time. If you didn’t know how to do it, figure it out—and if you needed help, their dad was there always, whether it was patching a leak on the roof, changing the oil in the car or building a motorcycle.

Dorinda hauled her sons along to networking events and fairs, selling product from the back of the car. They grew up immersed in the art of cooking up the next great idea—start a restaurant, a taco truck, a taco boat delivering dock-to-dock on the lake!

To quench her own entrepreneurial thirst and boost the family income, Dorinda joined a network marketing company and rose quickly to become a leader, eventually opening Japan with Dillon in tow, and later Germany, with Dustin. She loved the freedom the commissions provided, the quality of the product and the ethics of the executive team, but ultimately found the nonstop recruiting exhausting and unsustainable.

Sweet beginnings

When her youngest boys reached 7th and 8th grade, Dorinda took her lifelong love of chocolate to the next level and completed formal training as a chocolatier. In 2008, she opened Dorinda’s Chocolates in Truckee, California with then teenaged Dustin at her side.

Not long after, they were invited to the Chocolate, Wine and Roses Festival. Surrounded by the industry big boys, overwhelmed and way out of their league, Dorinda and Dustin nevertheless noticed that chocolates from all the other vendors came back half eaten. None of Dorinda’s samples were missing a bite, they were just…missing. By the end of the night, when the most coveted award of all was announced, the People’s Choice for Best Chocolate went to Dorinda’s Chocolates, and they knew they were onto something!

Dorinda and Dustin had something special and kept working, improving and concocting. Two years later, Dorinda opened her first store in Reno, Nevada, next to the Hub Coffee Roasters. Since then, Dorinda’s reputation for hand-crafted, award-winning, decadent chocolates made with whole, fresh ingredients has grown and she is now indisputably the region’s most celebrated chocolatier.


For years, Dorinda searched for a network marketing opportunity that could help other people build personal wealth. Wary of the unsustainable practices that stifled her growth, Dorinda decided to start her own company and make it better than anything she’d seen.

In 2018, she partnered with Marc Schenkel, an industry veteran, to start LiveKAYA, a network marketing company that combines Dorinda’s love of chocolate with the explosive potential of hemp. With sons Dustin leading product development, and Dillon managing operations, Dorinda, Marc, and LiveKAYA are committed to helping your family create extraordinary possibilities alongside ours.

LiveKAYA changes lives one bite at a time with our delicious chocolate and attainable, ethical, and lucrative compensation plan. We are thrilled to have you join our sweet adventure!


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