Spend more time doing what you love

An extraordinary chance to build personal wealth

Build a sweet income stream

Our vision at LiveKAYA is far-reaching and straightforward: We want to give people the opportunity to increase their income by sharing our story and quality products with people who love great chocolate and want to feel better.

There are several ways to bring LiveKAYA into your life. You can be a customer and simply buy chocolate to enjoy, or become a Brand Partner and earn money—how much is entirely up to you.

Creating real change

LiveKAYA wants to be a force for good and help you make a real difference in your life, your family and your community. We’re proud of the company we’ve built and the products we’re creating. We’re committed to being ethical and transparent on every level because we want you to be proud of the impact you’re making, too.

Our groundbreaking revenue plan

We have designed our groundbreaking Revenue Share Plan to give our Brand Partners an unrivaled opportunity to build personal wealth. Our plan is ethical and straightforward with none of the “gotchas” found in traditional MLMs—no structure to maintain, no pressure to recruit, and no gaps to fill. Brand Partners are paid strictly on volume, with generous bonuses available to those who are eager to jump on it.

Create a ripple effect of wellbeing

If you become a Brand Partner, you’ll meet people who want to simply buy chocolate from you as a retail customer. Others will want to join in this incredible opportunity and enroll under you. You’ll start building a network that expands outwards like ripples on a lake, with each ring a generation.

People you personally bring on—as many or as few as you want—will be your first generation. People they enroll will be your second generation (and their first) and so on, like a family, with children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

A rich opportunity

Brand Partners earn money in six different ways. Our seven-generation plan is sweetened by a number of generous bonuses and overrides. You may want to bring on a few customers and create a small income stream or focus your efforts and build an empire—or anything in between. Since Brand Partners are paid strictly on volume, you could have even a single go-getter in your organization and enjoy a sweet income stream.


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