Create a legacy of wellbeing and prosperity for you and your family!

The LiveKAYA Opportunity.

Build a sweet income stream

Our vision at LiveKAYA is far-reaching and straightforward: We want to give people the opportunity to increase their income by sharing our story and quality products with people who love great chocolate and want to feel better.

There are several ways to bring LiveKAYA into your life. You can be a customer and simply buy chocolate to enjoy, or become a Brand Partner and earn money—how much is entirely up to you.

Creating real change

LiveKAYA wants to be a force for good and help you make a real difference in your life, your family and your community. We’re proud of the company we’ve built and the products we’re creating. We’re committed to being ethical and transparent on every level because we want you to be proud of the impact you’re making, too.

Our groundbreaking revenue plan

We have designed our Revenue Share Platform (RSP) to give our Brand Partners an unrivaled opportunity to build personal wealth. Why groundbreaking? Our compensation plan has none of the “gotchas” typical in so many MLMs. There are no impossible-to-reach qualifications, quotas, or structural requirements. There is no unrelenting pressure to keep recruiting so that you can preserve your standing.

Create a ripple effect of wellbeing

Your LiveKAYA network will resemble generations—like a family, with children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. As people join your organization, it will expand from the center (where you are) like ripples on a lake or rings on a tree. Your organization might have just one or two generations, or it might have many—it’s up to you.

When you share this opportunity with friends, they may decide to become a customer (that’s one generation). They might sign up a friend or two (that’s two or three more generations). Or they may be someone who is exceptionally well connected, and eager to put those connections to work, which carries the potential for exponential growth.

A rich opportunity

Brand Partners earn money in several different ways. Our seven-generation plan establishes your base earnings, while generous bonuses and overrides amplify your income. You may choose to create an income stream on the side or go full out and build an empire—or anything in between. Since Brand Partners are paid on total volume, you could have even a single go-getter in your organization and enjoy a sweet income stream.


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