Our Team


Dorinda Vance


Dorinda brings a lifetime of experience building successful businesses including Dorinda’s Chocolates to LiveKAYA. Known in many communities for her genuine love of people and heartfelt desire to help others achieve their own dreams, Dorinda is the holder of the vision at LiveKAYA. While growing the company to a world-wide enterprise, she oversees day-to-day operations with a keen eye and deep knowledge of chocolate. Dorinda frequently travels around the country to meet people and share our product and the opportunity, and is committed down to her cells to supporting the growth and success of our Brand Partners.

Dorinda is a natural connector and loves nothing more than bringing the right people together to elevate a project. Having spent many years in direct sales, she has an acute understanding of successful business strategies that create sustainable growth.

Above all else, Dorinda adores her family and considers her greatest accomplishment to be raising her four sons to be the amazing people they are.

Dorinda is a born visionary, always looking to create the next success story, and is thrilled to bring LiveKAYA into the world.

Marc Schenkel


Marc is a founder and owner of one the most successful network marketing companies in America. For years he has been waiting to pair the perfect product with the most groundbreaking compensation plan in order to create what he believes will be the most game-changing company in history. LiveKAYA is that company.

As the primary architect of LiveKAYA’s compensation plan, Marc partners with Dorinda in strategic planning, ongoing training, and sales support.

Marc lives to help people realize their dreams and explore the world with his family. His success has allowed him to be fully present with his children, and he loves when he can lavish undivided attention on them with no phone, no computer and no distractions. LiveKAYA is the most exciting project Marc has ever been involved in, and he is especially thrilled to watch our Brand Partners realize the amazing potential in this company and achieve unprecedented levels of success.

When given a challenge, Marc knows he can outwork anyone, with perhaps one exception—Dorinda Vance.


Dustin Vance

Vice President, Product Development

Dustin started learning about the magic of chocolate and the world of business from very early on beside his mom, Dorinda. A classically-trained chocolatier, Dustin brings broad, experiential knowledge from years of running Dorinda’s Chocolates to managing LiveKAYA’s day-to-day product development and manufacturing operations. His experience is backed by extensive leadership training and the imminent completion of his business degree from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Dustin is a product knowledge specialist known for getting things done—especially those things no one else knows how to (or wants to) deal with. Dustin is obsessed with every aspect of chocolate production and pays equally close attention to the evolving hemp market. At heart a thoughtful, discerning and clear-sighted contributor, he pulls people together towards a common goal and often takes center stage as the soft-spoken but well-informed face of the company.

In between helping run two thriving companies and completing his degree, you may spot Dustin on a motorcycle, disappearing into a cloud of dirt alongside his dad and brothers, or enjoying a rare moment of solitude where his best ideas come to light.

Dillon Vance

Vice President, Operations

Dillon manages LiveKAYA’s day-to-day operations, logistics and administration, overseeing our supply chain management, operational budgeting, procedure design and implementation. He is also our primary liaison for our back office website, making sure everything runs smoothly.

Dillon served for five years with the U.S. Marines as an intelligence analyst and excelled in small-unit leadership. Having successfully founded Rolled Mountain Creamery in 2016, he is working towards a degree in business management from the University of Nevada, Reno. Dillon credits his parents for teaching him how to fight for what you want and brings a relentless perseverance to anything he’s involved in.

Dillon brings ferocious integrity to business negotiations, is unafraid to stir it up when change is needed, and deals with conflict head on. He relishes testing himself and creating opportunities with people he loves.

Dillon is proud of LiveKAYA’s commitment to being the best in all that we do, from our ingredients to our systems to our compensation plan. He is passionate that both employees and Brand Partners are backed by the best operation possible as we explore the emerging hemp industry’s limitless potential.


Daniel Lawson

Lead Chocolatier & Kitchen Manager

Daniel has spent the past almost four years mastering the art of chocolate making under Dorinda and Dustin. He runs the kitchen and is proud to work for one of the few companies that undergo the difficult and exacting process of hand tempering their chocolate. Daniel loves the creativity his work requires and enjoys perfecting his craft so that every single chocolate is flawless and manufactured in the most efficient way possible.

Daniel enjoys making LiveKAYA chocolate with our exquisitely crafted equipment that consistently produces perfectly tempered chocolate every batch, every time. He is  proud to make a product that will change lives.

Michele Block

Administrative Manager

Michele brings over 30 years experience as a bookkeeper and HR administrator to LiveKAYA. She works as the administrative assistant to the founders and shareholders, plans and organizes events, and keeps everyone and everything on track. For years, Michele also worked as an aesthetician, taking great pleasure in how rewarding it was to be the best part of her clients’ day. Since Michele oversees LiveKAYA’s accounting systems and paying out Brand Partner commissions, she will continue to be one of the best parts of our days, too!

Michele is a total people person and excited to support the success of others in achieving their dreams and living a more enriched life. An optimist at heart, she loves a new adventure, so much so that she left her own company to join LiveKAYA and help us all grow and flourish. She considers this to be far more than a job—Michele truly cares about this company and feels blessed to work with people that she loves and respects.


Cindy Hansen

Customer Support Manager

Culture is everything for Cindy.  She believes in values and integrity and they must always be aligned.  With a varied skill set, Cindy has worked in the Health and Nutrition industry for 20 years as well as working for giants like Microsoft, Adobe and Toshiba along with several MLM’s both established and startup companies where she enjoyed success at every stop.  She has been VP of Operations as well as VP of Customer Success.  She has spent the last 10 years working with Start Up’s getting them off the ground and on their road to success.

Her true passion is providing clients with an exceptional level of personal care and service, which is exactly what she is doing for Live Kaya today.  Cindy heads up a team that provides a wealth of information to a growing base of distributors along with product information, compensation plan details, how to navigate the back office, and sometimes, just to provide a little encouragement and support.

Cindy resides in Saratoga Springs, Utah with her husband Marlin.  She loves anything outdoors and spend most of her time somewhere on a beach.  She has 3 children and 8 grandchildren.


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