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KAYA Bath Bombs

Every aspect of our bath bombs has been designed with you in mind. Each healing, moisturizing, all-natural ingredient is the very best we could find because we know you put only the very best in and on your body. These bath bombs are love balms for the soul, a gift to savor when it’s time for you and you alone. We think they’re the bomb….but then again, so are you. Enjoy your bath!

Awaken: Epson salts ,Cocoa butter, Argan Oil, Vanilla Bean, Natural Chai Tea, Frankincense Essential Oil

Rejuvenate: Epson salts ,Cocoa butter, Argan Oil, Lavender Flowers, Lavender and Eucalyptus Essential Oils

Unwind: Epson salts ,Cocoa butter, Argan Oil Chamomlie Flowers, Spearmint Essential Oil

Tropical Escape: Epson salts ,Cocoa butter, Argan Oil Coconut Oil, , Mango and Pineapple fragrance Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil

Citrus Breeze: Epson salts ,Cocoa butter, Argan Oil. Orange Peel Powder, Orange Peel, Orange and Lemon Essential Oils

Soothing Soak: Epson salts ,Cocoa butter, Argan Oil Oat Flour, Milk Powder, and Honey Powder, Frankincense Essential Oil

Excuse me while I build my empire, right now I’m taking a bath.”-Dorinda Vance, Founder LiveKAYA

Each bath bomb starts with exceptional ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate(efferescence), magnesium sulfate (Epson salts), citric acid (effervescence). cocoa butter (moisturizer), jojoba oil (moisturizer), koalin clay (cleanser/exfoliant), witch hazel (binder)


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