The LiveKAYA Opportunity

Our vision

We want to give you the opportunity to increase your income by sharing our story and premium products with people who love great chocolate and want to feel better.

LiveKAYA offers our Brand Partners an unprecedented opportunity to increase their personal wealth with an ethical and straightforward Revenue Share Plan (RSP). There are no “gotchas” typical in so many MLMs—no quotas, impossible-to-reach qualifications or structural requirements. No relentless pressure to keep recruiting in order to preserve your standing. With LiveKAYA, you can simply buy chocolate as a customer, or become a Brand Partner and earn money—how much is up to you.

If you become a Brand Partner, you’ll have an organization with generations of people placing orders with you, or who also sign up to be Brand Partners. Our organizations are like a family lineage, with generations of children, grand-children, and great grandchildren expanding out from the center (where you are) like rings on a tree.

Your network may have one generation, or many. When you share this opportunity with friends, they could become a customer (that’s one generation). They might sign up a friend or two (that’s two or three more generations). Or they may be a phenomenal connector, making exponential growth a possibility.

No matter how many people there are in your organization, your payout is based on sales volume. You could have even a single real go-getter and still earn good money. We’ve set up a quick cash opportunity to put money in your pocket right away, and generous bonus pools to compound your earnings.

As a LiveKAYA Brand Partner, you’re backed by a money-back guarantee and state-of-the-art online tools, including your own LiveKAYA “replicated” website.

LiveKAYA is changing lives one bite at a time—join us on this sweet adventure!



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